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Colts sign another kicker, waive Brandon Renkart, and Roy Hall lands on IR for the fourth straight year

During OTAs and training camp, the Colts will typically bring in a few kickers to take the load off Adam Vinatieri, who is 37-years-old and recovering from numerous injuries last season. Today, the Colts were awarded former-Falcons kicker Garrett Lindholm off waivers.

To make room for Lindholm, the Colts waived little used linebacker Brandon Renkart.

Lindholm was a collegiate free agent signed by the Falcons after the NFL Draft who played his college ball at Tarleton State University. I have absolutely no idea where that school is located, let alone the conference.

There are some pretty decent YouTube videos showing off Lindholm's talents as a kick-off specialist and field goal kicker.

While in college, Lindholm made a 64-yard field goal. I'll go out on the limb and say the kid has a bit more leg power than Matt Stover.

In other news, former-Colts wideout Roy Hall, who was signed by the Saints a few weeks ago, has landed on injured reserve for the fourth time in four years.