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The more you look at it, the more it seems Philly PD didn't just randomly stop Marvin Harrison yesterday

From PFT:

Howard Eskin of 610 WIP in Philadelphia tells us that police actually plan to search more broadly for potential matches, comparing the gun to any and all shootings to which Harrison possibly could be connected.

To date, only two possible incidents have been reported. In addition to the April 2008 shooting, police have investigated whether the man who shot and killed Dwight Dixon (one of the April 2008 victims) did so at the behest of Harrison.

Per Eskin, police in Philly plan to pursue aggressively any connection between Harrison and currently unsolved shootings. "I'm told police thought they had him before," Eskin said. "Now police will take this one to the wall."

WIP in Philly is not the best of sources in relation to this incident. In 2008, they were the sleazeballs floating all sorts of baseless rumors about Harrison, many of which were scoffed at by Philadelphia Daily-News reporter David Gambacorta. But, if Philly police do indeed intend to be more aggressive, it probably explains why Harrison was pulled over and searched despite some very suspect circumstances on the part of the cops. The ESPN report yesterday stated a car was following Harrison prior to him driving the wrong way up a street. He was then pulled over by the police for a traffic violation and his car searched.

Willing to bet the car following Harrison wasn't his mother making sure he got OK after a long day at the car wash.

Was the car following Harrison a police tail? Perhaps that explains why Harrison made a traffic violation that prompted the cops to pull him over. Maybe he was trying to ditch the tail.

A set-up by the cops to prompt a car search? This kind of stuff is typical of big city police departments. Who knows. What I do know is the details on this story seem very fishy, and it is worth noting that the primary source for Shaun Assael's ESPN article was the Philly PD.This means the police are using a press contact to drum up interest in the media, and thus pressure other offices (aka, the DA) to take notice of their recent harassment activity involving Harrison.

So, it's possible this is one way the police are being "aggressive" in finding a connection between Harrison and just about every other shooting in the greater Philly area the last two or three years.

As I said earlier, if the police find evidence that results in a charge and conviction for Marvin Harrison in the shooting of Dwight Dixon, bravo. However, their tactics sure sound shady, don't they? And people wonder why Marvin (born and raised in Philly) is such a big gun lover.