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Ugh! Reggie Wayne might want a new contract as well

And thus, PhilB of the Indianapolis Star provides us with another example of why a salary cap and a Collective Bargaining Agreement is very much necessary:

Don't know if Wayne is here or what, although his name has been in the news lately because a former girlfriend allegedly rang up $93,000 in credit/debit card charges. The woman says Wayne knew about it. Wayne says differently. What's curious about Wayne and Mathis, though, is that both Pro Bowl players might be looking for a new contract. We've reported Mathis wants one. That Wayne might want one, too, is speculation at this stage, but I won't be surprised. Hate to say it because I know both players have a lot of fans, but I'm not a fan of this power play.

So, if Phil's speculation is to be believed, that is now three Colts Pro Bowlers looking for new contracts. Wayne isn't getting one. He can hold out all he wants, but the guy is making $5.47 million in 2010 and $5.95 million in 2011, according to PFT.

Now, like Robert Mathis and Antoine Bethea, who both want new deals with the Colts, if Reggie sees a player in his same class (aka, Randy Moss) go out and make a mint with a new contract, he can make a claim that he should get a similar raise. Again, there is no salary cap. So, in theory, nothing should hold a team back from paying such a player whatever he wants. The old excuse of "We can't overpay because of the cap" is now gone, and players seem to be pushing back a bit against teams like the Colts, who likely made a mint during their run to the Super Bowl in 2009.

And yes, Reggie Wayne is most certainly in the same category as Moss, Larry Fitzgerald, and other "super star" receivers in this league. Since 2006, Reggie has 372 catches for 5229 yards and 35 touchdowns. Not very many people in this league have stats like that over a four year period as a #1 receiver. In addition, Reggie has a ring and, unlike Randy Moss, Reggie does not have a reputation for disappearing in big games. In the playoffs since 2006, Wayne has 45 catches for 585 yards and 5 TDs.

Since 2006, Randy Moss has 12 catches for 142 yards and one TD in the post-season.

Reggie also plays hurt in big games, like Super Bowl 44:

Wayne played hurt in the Super Bowl, but he wasn't himself and that contributed to the loss -- that pick six at the end will stand out a long time. That was on Wayne as much if not more than Peyton Manning.

Indeed, Reggie is probably more to blame for the INT, but I personally do not fault either him or Peyton for the Super Bowl 44 loss. Had the Colts offense been successful on that drive and scored a TD with an extra point, they would have simply tied the game. Prior to that drive, the Colts defense had surrendered 18 second half points, allowing Drew Brees (32-39 for the game) to dink and dunk them to death. I'm not going to kill Peyton and Reggie for that INT. If the Colt had scored on that drive, what was to stop the Saints from getting the ball back and scoring again? Certainly not the Colts defense.

Back to Reggie, this potential power play move to get a new contract might have something to do with Randy Moss dumping his longtime agent. Moss himself might be looking to get a new contract as well.

Ugh. All this money talk is making me sick. But, power plays for more money are part of the current NFL labor climate.