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Indy Star: Colts moving training camp to Anderson

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Last week, we reported on a rumor from WTHR in Indianapolis that the Colts were planning to hold their 2010 training camp in Anderson, IN as opposed to Terre Haute, IN where they have been "camping" for 12 years.

Today, Mike Chappell at the Indianapolis Star is saying a source has confirmed that the Colts are camping at Anderson University in 2010. As Cass FanPosted a few moments ago, the Colts are expected to make an official announcement tonight and hold a news conference tomorrow at Anderson.

For many, holding camp in Anderson is a more convenient venue. Anderson University is only an hour drive from downtown Indianapolis. A similar drive to the Rose-Hulman Institute in Terre Haute, where the Colts have traditionally held camp, adds another 30 to 45 minutes in the opposite direction.

The last time the Colts held training camp in Anderson was Peyton Manning's rookie year: 1998. The university has worked hard to woo the Colts back over the years by improving the practice and medical facilities. The real question now is will the Anderson University setting provide an environment as open and as fan-friendly as Rose-Hulman did?