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Raheem Brock unlikely to rejoin Colts

Over the weekend, Raheem Brock Tweeted this to his loyal fanbase on Twitter:

Me back in indy? Anythings possible!

Certainly, anything is indeed possible. However, the only way you are going to see the Colts make an offer to Raheem Brock is if something happens to Dwight Freeney, Robert Mathis, or rookie first-rounder Jerry Hughes. Much like Josh Thomas was for this team the last few years, Brock is more of a utility player for emergencies rather than a full-time starter.

I say this as BIG Raheem Brock fan. He has always consistently been one of the most under-appreciated Colts during the Dungy-Caldwell regime. Remember, Brock was the starting defensive tackle in 2006 when the team won the Super Bowl. He filled so many rolls for this team that the Colts are looking to replace him with potentially three different players!

Jerry Hughes (drafted, first round), Ricardo Mathews (drafted, seventh round), and Mitch King (undrafted, free agent) were all brought into the team this year to do the jobs Raheem Brock did.

However, the reality is age, along with wear-n-tear have limited Brock's effectiveness. He was next to invisible in Super Bowl 44, filling in for Dwight Freeney on many downs while Freeney nursed a badly injured ankle. During the 2009 season, the Colts utilized him more as a "joker" at linebacker, blitzing him (standing up) in between the tackles in a hybrid 3-4 look. Now, with the younger and quicker Jerry Hughes, Brock doesn't seem as suited for this role.

Also, from what we know, it was Brock who asked for his release, and the Colts granted it. Since his contract was terminated back in early March, no teams have seemingly sniffed around the nine-year veteran.

For me, Brock will always be a Colt. But, for 2010, it's time to move on.