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Colts Game Changing Offseason Moves: Who is Dudley Guice?


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One player the Colts brought into former-Titans receiver Dudley Guice into the fold back in January, when the 2009 season was still ongoing. However, I consider him an acquisition for the 2010 season because he is still very much a player in development. At 6'3, 209 pounds, Guice is an absolute beast of a player at WR. But what makes Guice intriguing is not his size, but his speed and his size.

On a team loaded with WR talent, Guice will have his work cut out for him to make this team. But, when you watch clips of the kid, you really see the kind of stellar potential he brings to Indy's roster. And if anyone can get Guice to reach that potential, it's Colts coaches Clyde Christensen, Ron Turner, and Tom Moore.


Also, check out's interview with Guice.

CP: What do you need to work on?
DGJ: Not trying to sound arrogant by any means, but I think we all have room for improvement in every aspect of our games. And I’m always open mentally and physically for improvement — but the one thing that pops out to me is that I may need to work on is playing and focusing in on my assignment at 100 percent while playing tired or fatigued.

Guice ran a 4.40 40-yard dash prior to the 2009 NFL Draft. Speed and size are great, but can he run precise routes and catch EVERYTHING thrown to him? That remains to be seen.