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Luke Links: The "Real Football Starts in Four Weeks" Edition


For many of us, the World Cup is over. I appreciate watching great futbol, but when the United States is out of the WC, the event simply ceases to exist. I really could give a crap if Brazil or Argentina or Germany wins it all. Also, for someone who is just getting into seriously watching FIFA, it's very disconcerting that the powers that be do not want to include instant replay into the refereeing system despite the fact that FIFA officiating has been AWFUL this World Cup.

One FIFA fan told me the instant replay will never get fully adopted into futbol because the subjectivity of refs is as much a part of the game as the ball and nets are. No offense to the millions of fans who enjoy futbol, but when the refs has about as much power over the outcome of a game as the players do, the sport sucks. The subjectivity of officials is a big reason why I do not watch many NBA games. Rules are not meant to be subjectively interpreted. At that point, they cease to become "rules" and develop more into "guidelines." Real rules should be enforced the same way each and every game. And calls on the field must always be 100% correct. Technology has made it impossible to tolerate "human error" to screw-up important calls. I know that sounds harsh, but it is the reality of the modern world we live in. Rather than fight against it, FIFA should be embracing it.

Oh, and if refs are as much a part of the outcome of a game as the players are, then let's have the refs be subjected to red cards and repeated kicks to the shins.

That said, we have only four weeks to go until real football starts!

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