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Former Colts kick returner T.J. Rushing will wash your dishes for food

This is actually a funny story, not some "Former NFL player down on his luck" sort of thing. With Leather picked up this Tweet from former-Colts kick returner T.J. Rushing:

So.. I was just eating at a restaurant and the lil dude that does dishes I made a deal! I washed dishes for an hr for10 free meals

Thanks to beckmania for finding this story.

T.J. Rushing was not tendered a contract following the 2009 season. He had a very promising rookie year as a returner and as a corner in 2007. However, a knee injury ended his 2008 season before it started, and in 2009 much of his speed and elusiveness seemed stolen from him because of that injury.

I hope he lands on his feet somewhere. I always like T.J., and people who cover the Colts have told me good things about him.