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Reggie Wayne will not attend Colts mandatory mini-camp in 2010

It's one thing to skip out on OTAs. They are defined as "voluntary." Sure, it makes you look like you are above the team for doing so, but if you show up to the mandatory camps in shape and ready, no big deal.

However, if you skip the mandatory events, like the Colts mini-camp which is scheduled to start tomorrow, then yeah... it is a very big deal.

From Jason La Confora, via his Twitter account:

WR Reggie Wayne will not be attending Colts mandatory mini camp Fri-Sun. Has already informed Coach Caldwell. Full report on

If Reggie Wayne's goal in 2010 to piss off every Colts fan in creation, he's off to a great start.

The only reason to hold out of a mandatory mini-camp is because Reggie is unhappy with his contract, which currently pays him $5.47 million in 2010 and $5.95 million in 2011. With Peyton Manning due a contract extension, and Antoine Bethea grossly underpaid as a starting Pro Bowl safety, for Reggie Wayne to pull this kind of stunt now is pretty much vomit inducing. It's not like our last memory of Reggie was some kind of happy moment, or anything. He screwed up a route in the fourth quarter of Super Bowl 44 and the result was Tracy Porter high-stepping his way for a pick six.

As of right now, Reggie does not deserve more money. He is also not "bigger" than the team, and his butt should be at a mandatory camp regardless of his feelings about his contract. With all our debate here over who the Colts fourth wide receiver should be, maybe Coach Caldwell should send a message to Reggie by planting his butt on the bench while starting Anthony Gonzalez and Pierre Garcon.

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