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I'm not taking the bait from Kerry J. Byrne, closeted Patriots fan

Thanks to danorocks17 for posting a link to Kerry J. Bryrne's article declaring that Peyton Manning did not deserve the 2008 and 2009 AP NFL MVP awards.

In the NFL, they should just rename it the Peyton Manning Memorial Award since the voters now hand him MVP honors each year merely as a mindless reflex, even on seasons when he clearly did not deserve it, as was the case in both 2008 and 2009.

Kerry doesn't give us any names who clearly deserved the award over Peyton, but he does make a clearly vague suggestion that clearly Jared Allen might have clearly deserved the award clearly over the best quarterback in all of football, maybe ever.

For those of you who have read Stampede Blue for a long time, I have a obnoxiously annoying history for attacking "journalists" and other writers who pen sh*t so blatantly stupid it lowers one's IQ level a point each time their stuff is read. However, what only a few have caught onto is that the people I "attack" are actually people I have a measure of respect for. In many cases, they are accomplished, intelligent, thoughtful people who just happen to not know WTF? they are writing about. They've either gotten lazy and complacent in their cushy jobs, most of which do not have assh*le editors hovering over them anymore, demanding they "dig deeper" into the truth of the story, or they've forgotten that sports writing does indeed need to be held to a high standard. It doesn't matter if you're writing about a Toledo Mudhens home opener or the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl, readers expect sports writers to provide high level content with every single article they file. No exceptions.

In my rants against these complacent mainstream media personalities, I take the role of said assh*le editor, demanding accountability and higher standards from each of them.

I "attack" these people because I expect more from them. I simply refuse to accept their laziness, and calling them names while, at the same time, insulting their over-inflated salaries has gotten their attention over the years. When these people have met me face-to-face, more often than not they understand where I'm coming from when I call them "schmucks."

With Kerry J. Byrne, who has written only nineteen articles for SI since September of last year, I don't hold him to any standard. He's a real schmuck. A genuine schmuck. He's that asshat who sits at the end of the bar, a bowl of soggy peanuts in front of him, sipping cheap beer and constantly complaining about how Peyton Manning sucks. You know who I'm talking about, right? There's, at least, one of of these guys in every bar on the East Coast.

You also might remember Kerry as the founder and publisher of Cold Hard Football Facts, a site I've often ripped because (quite frankly) it's sort of dishonest. It's always been a place that has viciously attacked Peyton Manning for no reason whatsoever. I also do not think it's a coincidence that their writers do a lot of work for Boston-area media outlets (like WEEI).

Basically, it's a closeted Patriots fan website that does not want to call itself that because they want to appear "objective." They were this way four years ago, and they haven't changed much in all that time.

Also, in more than a few cases, I'm reasonably certain Kerry and his ilk have written articles specifically to piss off people like me. When they do so, their desire is that I get angry, write a bunch of blabbit-blab-blab, link to them, and storm off fuming. Meanwhile, they sit back in their likely Patriots-themed office, complete with signed Bill Belichick hoodie hanging on the wall, enjoying the modest traffic boost from the angry Colts fans on a slow news day.

Today, I'm not going to do that.

I'm happy to link to Kerry's article and tell everyone here, "Hey, read it if you want to." But, that's it. With Kerry, I have no expectations and no desire to hold him accountable to anything. He's kind of a useless writer who brings nothing to the table but mindless hate and (in some cases) silly paranoia. This mindset not only infiltrates his sports writing, but also his political writing, which he occasionally dabbles in. I'm not going to link to the political stuff because I work hard to avoid political discussions in a sports forum. Unlike most topics, sports has the unique power to unite people who would, otherwise, detest one another. Kerry doesn't seem to grasp that, as (in my opinion) his political writing is just a hate-filled and spiteful as his sports writing is.

Perhaps that's why SI only has him occasionally write articles for them once every lunar eclipse.

So, when you look at the source, and the source's rather underwhelming body of work (in terms of quality), it's no surprise that Kerry J. Byrne is shoving another "Peyton sucks" article down the throats of readers. Unlike people like Peter King, Tom Curran, Mike Florio, and even Bob Kravitz (all of which I bashed and insulted more than a few times), there is no point in holding Kerry accountable. He's far too wrapped up in his own douchebaggery to warrant anything other than apathy from folks like me.

This is why I pretty much ignore CHFF and anything written by Kerry unless someone brings them both to my attention. So, thanks for another stirring article, Kerry. Pretty much what I got out of it is you think Jared Allen should have won the MVP awards in 2008 and 2009.

I think even most Patriots fans would find that train of logic pretty spotty, and that's saying something.