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Colts 2010 mini-camp begins today

The first big mandatory event for the Colts and their players begins today with their 2010 team mini-camp. Remember, tomorrow's mini-camp practice will be held at Lucas Oil Stadium, and it is free to the public. So, if you can, I highly recommend you go to the stadium on Saturday.

Unfortunately, one player you will not see at mini-camp practice is Reggie Wayne. While we all like Reggie and root for him, he's acting like a schmuck right now by holding out from mini-camp over this stupid contract thing. Apparently, six million dollars a year is not enough for him.

Two other players who might skip mini-camp are Antoine Bethea and Robert Mathis. As far as I know, Bethea has not signed his tender, which the Colts offered him on March 3rd. Since Bethea has not signed, he cannot attend camp. Mathis has held out of OTAs because, like Wayne, he is somehow upset with his contract. According to Paul Kuharsky, Jim Caldwell is not sure if Bethea or Mathis will attend camp.

Of course, all three of these holdouts are dumb. The Colts can, and likely should, fine each player for missing an event that is mandatory. Holdouts like these do nothing but create unwanted distractions. They impede the team's chances to win, and winning is the bottom line in this business. Plus, it's not like Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne are hurting financially.

Well, OK, maybe Reggie has a little credit card debt, but since 2006 Reggie has pocketed tens of millions of dollars. So, no offense, but this holdout over more money is bull.

That said, if Jim Caldwell truly believes in "open competition," then players like Anthony Gonzalez, Jerry Hughes, and Melvin Bullitt should have a leg up on winning the jobs Wayne, Mathis, and Bethea respectively held last year. Unlike the guys holding out from mini-camp, Gonzo, Hughes, and Bullitt will likely attend. Want to send a strong message? The guys who show up win the coveted jobs.