Sabol: Peyton Manning will be known as the greatest QB of all time

NFL Films president Steve Sabol says Manning is well on his way to another rarefied place — as in best ever.

"When he retires, he'll go down as the greatest quarterback of all time," Sabol says. "The only player I can remember saying that about while he was playing was Jerry Rice.

"When he was playing, I felt comfortable saying, 'You're looking at the greatest receiver who's ever played.' "

In Sabol's mind, Manning ranks with Rice's former San Francisco 49ers teammate, Hall of Fame quarterback Joe Montana, and three other icons as he enters his 13th season.

"Peyton's up there on the Mount Rushmore of quarterbacks with Otto Graham, Johnny Unitas, Joe Montana and Sammy Baugh," Sabol says. "He's up there on that mountaintop now. And because of longevity, the way he's such a field general and great passer, he's going to hold every record by the time he retires."

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