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Robert Mathis skipping Colts mini-camp as well

Like Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis is not happy about his contract. Also like Reggie Wayne, Robert is hurting the team by not showing up to mandatory mini-camp because of the before-mentioned contract situation.

From Paul Kuharsky's Twitter:

Caldwell: Mathis and Bethea are not at minicamp along with Wayne. "Coach who shows up" is his mantra.

Does that also mean that Coach Caldwell will play only those players who "show up?" Again, if things are as the Colts often say they are, this means that Robert Mathis and Reggie Wayne's roster positions are "open." Since they aren't there, does this mean someone like Anthony Gonzalez or Jerry Hughes can get a leg up on taking their jobs from them?

In reality, that's probably unlikely, which is why I have often said of late that this "open competition" stuff the Colts throw around is total BS. Personally, I kind of wish it really was "open." It might motivate Mathis and Wayne to get their butts to camp instead of sulking wherever they are over contracts they signed and agreed to years ago.

The only person with a legit beef is Antoine Bethea. He has not yet signed his tender, which is a number significantly less than what he is worth. So, I understand why Bethea is not there.

I have less sympathy for Wayne and Mathis.

Again, like with Reggie Wayne, it's not like Robert Mathis' last game (Super Bowl 44) was anything to write home about. From PhilB:

Mathis didn't so much as have one tackle [in Super Bowl 44]. He was dominated. Freeney takes pressure off Mathis, so one could argue he wouldn't be the same player without Free, and thus he's not in the same Pro Bowl class.

And now, Robert wants more money? Please.

Get your butt in camp, Robert. If not, I would have absolutely no problem seeming Jerry Hughes take your job. It's not like the team drafted him just to sit on the bench, or anything.