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Anthony Gonzalez Sits Out of Practice

This weekend has been excellent for me so far.  Yesterday I attended a friend's birthday party at a lake a couple of hours from here - we swam, played volleyball, had some hot dogs and just enjoyed each other's company.  When we got home, I was completely blown away by 20 people hiding in my kitchen waiting to wish me a happy 40th birthday (part of the surprise is that my birthday isn't until the 18th).  This included several people who had to travel long distances for the occasion.

High on life, I fired up the computer this morning hoping to read more details about the open mini-camp yesterday at the Luke, and my stomach sank.  Phillip B. Wilson is reporting that - once again - Anthony Gonzalez has been sidelined.  I am hoping that this is just a precaution, that they're trying to ease him back into work, but I am really afraid that there may be more to the story.

Others have also been kept out - Brown, Powers, Hayden, Freeney - but in most of those cases it is known that they are still rehabbing, so it's not as surprising or disturbing.  Here's to hoping they can all get back soon!