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Jerraud Powers takes Manning v. Brady debate to Twitter

This Tweet from Colts corner Jerraud Powers is quite funny:

Some ignorant people on Kobe lebron turn into Peyton Brady...get a life

Of course, we agree with Jerraud that there are many ignorant people on Twitter, and on the Internets in general. I'm one of them. And we also agree that anyone comparing Brady v. Manning to Lebron v. Kobe is pretty stupid. The NFL is a team game. The NBA often a duel between superstars. One man can control an entire game in the NBA. In the NFL, it truly is 11 on 11.

Also, if anyone is saying that Lebron is the "Peyton Manning of the NBA," I'll remind those people that, unlike Lebron, Peyton Manning has actually won something. Also, unlike Lebron, Peyton Manning will likely finish his career playing for only one team.