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Luke Links: The "Are you ready for some football, eh!" Edition


For those of you who are tired of following futbol as a substitute for real football, NFL Network is offering you another international substitute to feed your fix until August: The Canadian Football League (CFL). That's right, it's Canuck football time, eh!  NFL Network will broadcast 14 CFL games starting tonight with defending champion Montreal taking on Saskatchewan tonight. If you want a "Colts-related" reason to watch CFL games, just remember that the Colts have very strong ties to the CFL. Bill Polian once worked for the Montreal Alouettes, and current Colts player Sam Giguere is from Sherbrooke (just outside Montreal). Polian has does a lot of scouting of CFL players.

But, if Canadian football just isn't your thing (or you are like many others and do not get NFL Network), just keep telling yourself that training camp opens in exactly one month.

Official Team News

Positive and Negative Analysis

  • Paul Kuharsky (ESPN) breaks down the safeties in the AFC South
  • John Oehser (Indy Football Report) has a series of 21 questions he will ask about the Colts between now and the start of the season. Questions one, two, and three are already posted, and they involve the Colts safeties, Donald Brown, and Bob Sanders
  • Brett Mock (Coltzilla) wonders whether Donald Brown will take on a bigger role with the team in 2010

Around the League

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