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John Oehser: Pierre Garçon "logical" to be starter over Anthony Gonzalez

[Door opens. Zombie Horse enters wearing an Anthony Gonzalez jersey as a saddle.]

Zombie Horse: Hi everyone. I'm "The Dead Horse." BBS said I should stop by one more time so he can beat me. Since he pays me pretty well with the fresh corpses of Patriots fans, I share with you this section from a recent article by's John Oehser, who also does special features for

Gonzalez, when healthy, has big-play ability and is one of the team's better runners after the catch. He is a first-round talent and his return to the lineup is one of the reasons the Colts could have their deepest receiving corps in recent memory.

At the same time, it seems logical the Colts could leave [Pierre Garcon] at the outside spot opposite Reggie Wayne. Garcon is a big-time talent with special ability to run after the catch and speed to get open deep, and Collie proved himself more than capable in the slot.

Considering that, Gonzalez's role could be anything from a starter to essentially the No. 4 receiver in the Colts' offense. And while his ideal scenario obviously is the former, whatever his role his return can't help but help the Colts and it may be what moves them from a very good offense last year to one of their best in recent memory.

Zombie Horse: So, to recap, that's now John Oehser, Mike ChappellPhilB, and Gregg Rosenthal who have all said essentially the same thing BBS said waaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in early May: That Pierre Garçon will probably start over Anthony Gonzalez as we head into the 2010 season. At best, Gonzo is fighting with Austin Collie for the slot receiver gig. But, considering Collie played better at slot in 2009 than Gonzalez ever did during his two previous seasons at the position, it's doubtful Gonzo will win that job; unless, of course, Collie gets hurt. Thus, Gonzo is the team's 4th wide receiver.

OK, if that's all, I'm happy to take my leave of you once again. I'll probably stop by sometime at or around mid-August, when the starting offensive unit takes the field in pre-season. Until then, keep the Pats corpses coming, BBS! Oh, and Go Colts [living or undead]!