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2010 NFL Supplemental Draft begins today

The NFL Supplemental Draft is for college players "who did not enter the regular draft. Players generally enter the Supplementary Draft because they missed the filing deadline for the NFL Draft or because issues developed which affected their eligibility (such as athletic or disciplinary matters)."

This draft is scheduled for today, and it is conducted via (of all things) email:

Also, it unfolds not with a slow walk to a podium but via e-mail, with teams submitting a list of players they'd like to pick and the round in which they want to pick them.  The players are awarded based on a priority ranking driven largely by the manner in which the team's finished in the prior season.

What, these high-tech NFL teams don't have IM? The NFL can't create a 32-point video conference call? I know Fantasy Football Drafts that have better communication coordination than this.

For those of you hoping the Colts will take a shot at BYU running back Harvey Unga, take note of this little fact:

Any team that uses a pick in the supplemental draft gives up their pick in the same round in the following year's full-blown draft. 

Knowing how Bill Polian values draft picks in the real draft, it's doubtful he'll use a pick in this one. But, you never know.