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Jeff Saturday destroyed his television after losing to Jets in Week Sixteen last season

Colts center Jeff Saturday is known as one of the nicest, most accessible players on the Colts roster. Media people absolutely love him. For someone like me, I like Jeff because he often speaks truthfully about matters most others clam up about. While many walk the company line and say the same old retreaded crap that's simply designed to answer a question with really answering it, Jeff Saturday really answers the question.

So, when Jeff does a live chat on for fans, there's a good chance you are going to get some interesting information from the 12-year veteran.

When asked by a fan about how he felt after the Colts lost Week Sixteen last season against the Jets by pulling starters from a winnable game, Jeff answered the way you expect Jeff to answer; with honesty.

I went home and broke my TV after we lost, Jonny. As a player, I would never want to come out of a game. But Polian and Caldwell get paid to make that decision. And it worked out pretty well last year.

When I was in Miami during Super Bowl week, Colts players were routinely asked about Week Sixteen. You could tell the questions were annoying them. Most answered with the same line: They wanted to stay healthy. However, when Jeff was asked the question, he answered it with words that came from his heart and not talking points from the team's PR department.

Saturday went on in the live chat to talk about Bill Polian, the Colts offense, and Tim Tebow

When asked about Polian's criticism of the offensive line after Super Bowl 44, Saturday answered much the same way he did back in March when he first reacted publicly to Polian's comments:

Peter, Illinois
What was with Polian calling out with o-line after the Super Bowl? Addai was running great and had plenty of lanes and Peyton wasn't under too much pressure. Polian is one of the best GMs ever, but what was with him calling you guys out?

Jeff Saturday, Indianapolis Colts
Peter, I totally agree with you on this. I thought the o-line had a heck of a game and it just didn't turn out our way. Polian does have the right to say whatever he wants though, he's put together some unbelievable teams.

Jeff also talked about Tim Tebow and how he was one of his favorite players in the NFL. Jeff likes him for how he handles the media, which makes sense because it would be a tad difficult to like Tebow for his game. He has yet to throw a pass in a live game. Since Jeff is such a big Tebow fan, I assume he won't be heading to any GameStops in Tuscaloosa for an alternative game cover for NCAA 2011.

Another topic of discussion in the chat was the Colts offense heading into 2010. Jeff said new offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen has placed more emphasis on the running game heading into camp.

Oh, and Jeff's wife drives a minivan, for those of you who care.