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Fan fallout after Reggie Wayne kind of, sort of said he is going to skip Colts Training Camp

Many thanks to teej813 for posting the video from WISH-TV in Indianapolis that shows reporter Ashely Adamson asking Colts receiver Reggie Wayne some pretty direction questions about his status with the Colts. Reggie answered these questions in an evasive, cocky manner. For those of you who don't have the stomach to watch it, here are the words:

Ashley Adamson: Are we going to see you in Anderson in two weeks for training camp?

Reggie Wayne: Hey, I guess it's like LeBron James, like "The Decision." I guess you gotta see. [Laughs]

Yep, that's right Reggie. Compare your current contract negotiations to the sleazy, deceitful antics of LeBron James. That's gonna go over reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal well with Midwestern fans.

More words after the jump.

Ashley Adamson: So, are you going to have an hour [TV] special?

Reggie Wayne: One hour special coming up: "Decision, Part Two."

Ashley Adamson: So, is that a 'yes' or is that a 'no'?

Reggie Wayne: We have to see. We're just going to take it day-by-day. I would love to see Anderson. I've never been there. And, when that day comes, we'll see what's up.

Speaking of day-by-day, its worth noting that Reggie Wayne will most certainly be fined each and every day his butt is not in Anderson. I also wouldn't be all that upset if, while he is holding out, that Jim Caldwell make good on some of this "open competition" nonsense and actually have Anthony Gonzalez compete for Reggie Wayne's starting job.

Look, the bottom line is Reggie is not getting a new deal. It just isn't happening. He's living in a fantasy land if he thinks it's even a remote possibility. If he holds out from any portion of camp, this is just Reggie being spiteful. He's already pocketed a ton of guaranteed bonus money from his 2006 contract, not to mention all the game checks. Reggie is due $5.47 million in 2010 and $5.95 million in 2011. Yes, such a "terrible" contract, indeed.

The Colts are absolutely loaded at wide receiver in 2010, and Reggie has zero leverage. He will either show up for the work he is contractually obligated to do, or he won't. If he doesn't, let someone else work for his job. Seems fair, right? I mean, if Reggie wants his job, he should man-up and show up for it.

Again, as always, I bring this back to Peyton because he typically shows us what real leadership and real commitment are. Like Reggie, Peyton wants a new deal. Unlike Reggie, Peyton attended OTAs, did tons of work at  mini-camp, and will like be in Anderson early before the start of training camp.

Holding out from camp creates a needless and unnecessary distraction for a team trying to get back to a Super Bowl. Oh, just FYI: One of the reasons the Colts lost that Super Bowl was Reggie Wayne running a crappy route in the fourth quarter that resulted in this:

Side note: Of course, I know there are likely Player's Union-related reasons why Reggie is acting this way. It's likely a front, but it's still a dumb way of going about business. We all know that Reggie will indeed be there for training camp. If he isn't, Reggie will paint himself as a selfish prick who puts himself ahead of the team.

That sh*t don't fly in Indiana. He can take that crap to South Beach if he wants.