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Brace Yourselves, Colts Fans

At the beginning of every football season, all of the TV networks and radio shows seem to share a not-so-secret requirement that they will pay tribute to the prior season before kicking off the current one.  They will interview players and coaches, show highlight reel, and play out-takes from the year.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the last season and get everyone in the mood, but beware... although these montages ("Everybody's got a montage!") always start with highlights of the regular season, and we're sure to see plenty of Colts highlights given how well they performed...

you know that they always focus on the post-season and in particular, the Super Bowl winner.  So beware, Colts fans, just when you're ready to re-start the football season and erase the memories of last year's most visible loss, you will be dowsed with more reminders that your team fell a little short.

As it is, Sirius NFL Radio has been using a series of radio highlights to open its various shows all off-season.  Two in particular are of Bob Lamey calling touchdown throws to Reggie Wayne (I'm not 100% sure, but I think one was that epic throw to Wayne in the second Jacksonville game).  But immediately after that comes a call by an announcer of "another one for Tracy Porter... it's going to be a touchdown for the Saints!" 

I cry inside (and sometimes outside) every time I hear that particular call, but have learned to tell myself that it was a call from a completely different game.  Unfortunately, my brain takes over and I realize that it probably was placed at the end of the string of clips for a reason, and I already can't wait for them to change that string.  It's the same reason I wish the NFL Network would change up their set - I hate being reminded year after year of the Patriots' string of wins in the early 2000s.  With Manning now a 4-time MVP, why isn't HE the new face of the NFL Network?

But I digress.  All I can say is that we will stand together in suffering one last look at last year, and hopefully get on with construction of Super Bowl XLV.