Tom Brady about to get extension...what does that mean for Peyton?

Adam Schefter is reporting that Tom Brady and the Patriots have an extension deal within reach.

Further, Brady reported to the Patriots training camp on Sunday with the other QBs and the rookies despite some reports out there that Brady may be inclined to hold out because of ill will in contract negotiations.

So, what does this mean in regards to our #18? I have felt all along that Peyton would have a new contract extension agreed on before the Colts training camp starts. The players report to camp on Sunday and I still think I am correct that before the cars start pulling up to the facilities in Anderson, that the Laser Rocket Arm will be the best paid athlete in the NFL.

I just wonder sometimes about the dichotomy of reporting in regards to the two best QB's in the league this summer with their respective new deals. The public has heard nothing from either of the players themselves but the media has portrayed an image that the negotiations for Brady and the Pats was bad and the negotiations for Manning and the Colts was good and that there was no question it would be done. It is surprising that both negotiations have been so quiet (the Pats so much so that the "negative vibe" that has been reported is now suddenly "positive"). I keep expecting every time I refresh the SB homepage that I will see the blockbuster deal headline starring Manning.

Anyway, I am hopeful that Peyton will be re-signed by August 1 (or at worst, soon after) and that Tom Brady also gets his deal done. It is good for the league to have its best and brightest taken care of and happy. I also think that it is good for the CBA negotiations. It represents the fact that the owners are taking care of the players that make the league go. In my opinion, it also means there is less chance of a strike/lockout happening. At least I hope so.

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