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We should expect a Pat Angerer signing very soon

The Colts selected Iowa linebacker Pat Angerer with the 63rd overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft. The person drafted just before Angerer was Florida linebacker Brandon Spikes. Spikes was picked by the Patriots, who signed him yesterday to a four-year, $3.21 million contract. The deal also includes a $960,000 signing bonus and a one-time incentive of $450,000.

With Spikes signed, we should expect to see Angerer inked by the Colts sometime today or tomorrow. If we don't, then it likely means Angerer's agent is being a punk by demanding too much money. Angerer and his reps should expect a similar four-year contract worth anywhere from $3.15 to 3.2 million. Hopefully, the kid can get signed soon so he can be there for the start of Colts training camp on Sunday. Unsigned draft picks cannot attend training camp until they are signed.

Angerer is expected to be Gary Brackett's back-up a middle linebacker. He'll also play special teams.