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Polian Reveals His View of Turning Point in the Super Bowl

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Since the final game of last season, there has been a lot of discussion by fans and analysts regarding the "turning point" of the game.  Most comments have pointed to Garcon's drop in mid-2nd quarter, the failed 3rd-and-1 run by Mike Hart at the end of the first half, the botched onside kick recovery, and the Porter interception.  Some have even suggested that the Colts were still in it as far as their final play of the game, a Wayne drop.

Today, though, Jarrett Bell of USA Today got a view into what Polian considered the turning point, and perhaps an explanation for the offseason moves by the team.

Polian said:

The game turned on two plays — the third-and-1 at the end of the half and the onside kick to start the second half.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the team has made moves to get bigger along the O-Line (e.g., Adam Terry, Andy Alleman, Jacques McClendon) and has picked up special teams help (e.g., Ray Fisher, Brandon James).*  The moves aren't limited to just players, either.  With the retirement of Howard Mudd, and eventual retirement of Tom Moore, a number of changes on the offensive coaching staff has taken place.

Much has been discussed regarding these offseason changes, but until now, I'm not aware that we've heard a comment directly from Polian regarding the actions.

*Admittedly, better punt and kick returners would not have helped that onside kick, but hopefully Rychleski got an earful from Polian about the performance of all special teams!