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Grizzled former NFL scout thinks Colts RB Donald Brown will start over Joseph Addai in 2010

If the name Dave Razzano doesn't conjure up images of NFL greatness, that's because he used to do a job that not many people view as glamorous but that almost all view as essential. Dave Razzano spent 22 years as an NFL scout for the 49ers, Cardinals, and Rams. He was a part of five Super Bowl teams, including three Super Bowl wins. Now, he offers his opinions on college and pro talent to the media.

Yesterday, we received an email from the folks at, informing us of Razzano's unfiltered and unbiased opinion about the Colts heading into 2010. Some of Razzano's comments and observations are very interesting, indeed. Here's a taste:

Q: When you say Donald Brown will eventually take over, do you mean in a year or two, halfway through the season, week one of the season? Where do you see his progression?

A: I think it should be this season fro the get-go. He’s a lot more talented than Addai. Addai is a nice serviceable player in the NFL but I think Donald Brown has a lot of the same attributes as Ray Rice. He ran the same way in college and was dominant at Connecticut the same way Rice was dominant at Rutgers. He put up huge numbers and has real solid intangibles: work ethic, maturity. The same kind of size, maybe even a little bigger than Rice. I think Donald Brown needs to be the featured guy and it wouldn’t shock me if it was this season.

The whole interview is worth a read, including Razzano's opinions about the Colts offensive line, their linebackers, and reserve tight end Tom Santi.