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Reggie Wayne all but says he's showing up for the start of 2010 training camp

Today, PFT posted a July 21st update from Reggie Wayne's official website. In it, the veteran Colts receiver all but said he is showing up for the start of camp:

When we last heard from Colts receiver Reggie Wayne, he hinted that he might hold out of training camp.

Several days later, he posted a journal entry on his official website that strongly suggested he'll be at training camp from Day One.

In an entry titled "It's About That Times Ladies And Gentleman," Wayne all but says he's showing up.

"Is it that time already Colts fans," Wayne writes.  "Seems just like yesterday I [was] cleaning out my locker getting ready for the off-season.  I guest it's true when they say, 'time waits for no man'.  So Anderson Indiana here come the Mighty Indianapolis Colts to invade your town for a few weeks.

Well, I guess that's one less thing I can worry about.