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Like Reggie Wayne, sounds like Robert Mathis will attend Colts training camp as well

Just saw this Tweet from Robert Mathis' Twitter account:

Anderson Indiana Stand Up!!!! holla at cha boys!

Like Reggie Wayne, Mathis skipped all the team's OTAs and the mandatory mini-camp in June. The reasoning was also similar to Wayne's: Mathis wants a new contract. Because of missing OTAs and training camp, there was some worry that Mathis might skip part of training camp.

This Tweet sort of suggests he will be there, which is obviously a good thing.

We're all fans of Robert on this site. We love to watch him play. I also think Robert understands that, in general, fans are not thrilled when they see players skipping mandatory practices over contract disputes. I also think he knows the anger is never personal. Fan is short of "fanatical." We all just want our team to win, and Robert Mathis practicing helps the team achieve that goal.

Robert's involvement with rookie Jerry Hughes is critical to this team getting to and winning a Super Bowl for the 2010 season.