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Colts Sign 2010 Second Round Pick Pat Angerer

National Football Post reports that Pat Angerer has signed a four-year, $3.14 million deal.  The Colts were criticized by fans and pundits alike for taking Angerer earlier than he was projected.  However, Angerer has a lot of fans for his work at Iowa.

Welcome to the fold, Pat!

[UPDATE]: BBS Here. With Angerer signed, all the rookies that really should be signed are. Now, the focus shifts to getting Jerry Hughes under contract. Since Sam Bradford hasn't signed, and with Lions Ndamukong Suh likely to hold out, it makes it a tad difficult for lower first round picks to sign because agents do not know what the "ceiling" is.

However, that kind of stuff hasn't stopped teams like the Patriots signing their first rounder (27th overall) in Devin McCourty or the Dolphins from inking Jared Ordrick (28th overall). Odrick got a five-year deal with $7.133 million in guaranteed money, maximum value $13.071 million. Jerry Hughes was the #31 overall pick. So, look for him to get offered something along the lines of a five-year deal worth $11.8 million and $6.3 million guaranteed cash. 

It's important to note that the Lions have yet to sign Jahvid Best (30th pick) and the Saints have not signed Patrick Robinson (32nd pick). Hopefully, we will see movement on the Hughes signing tomorrow.

[ANOTHER UPDATE]: Tip to supercolt(Sorry supercolt!  I didn't check the FanShots first. - LB)