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Dwight Freeney would most certainly make Dez Bryant carry his pads at training camp

Recently, at Cowboys training camp, rookie receiver Dez Bryant refused to carry veteran teammate Roy Williams' pad after a practice. Williams said Bryant not carrying his pads was "not a big deal."

If Dex Bryant were a Colt, that snooty, individualist sh*t wouldn't fly.

In an interview with Tony Bruno yesterday, Dwight Freeney was asked if he would make the Colts first round draft pick Jerry Hughes carry his pads during camp.

"Absolutely he has to carry it. It is what it is, I’m sorry. It’s one thing where you have teasing where you’re causing physical harm, I would more or less consider hazing. Really, a guy, you have to do this or you have to do that. We’re talking about shoulder pads. It’s more of a respect thing. Pay your dues. It’s one of those deals. We’re not asking you to do anything out of the ordinary or crazy. It’s been passed off and a tradition from year to year to year to year."

Also, during the interview, Freeney compared rookies carrying shoulder pads to someone showing respect to another person's mother. So, basically, Dwight Freeney just called Dez Bryant a disrespectful, arrogant punk who would spit on your mother... in an in-direct sorta way.

After the jump, Freeney talks about his ankle and Reggie Wayne.

On his injured ankle and the constant attention it received during the Super Bowl:

[The attention] was ridiculous. Everything is good with this ankle. Obviously it was bad leading up to the Super Bowl. It’s definitely blue skies now.


On whether wide receiver Reggie Wayne will show up in camp:

"I don’t know what Reggie’s going to do. Obviously, we would love him to be there. Business is business and you’ve just got to take care of business first. … I’m not exactly sure what anybody [is doing] because I’m not in that group. All I do is show up Sunday and whoever’s there is there. Great. Hopefully we get Reggie back before that first game. Reggie’s a veteran. He’s a guy who can get his work done and do what he has to do really quickly."

You can check out the audio of the interview here. Freeney's interview is a bit past the mid-point.

Also, during the interview, Freeney did not know if Bob Sanders was "100%," but from what he's seen this off-season, Sanders looks good.