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We should expect a Jerry Hughes signing soon

Jerry Hughes should be signed and ready for training camp this Sunday. There's no reason for him not to be.

Why jump to that conclusion?

Well, yesterday the Saints signed corner Patrick Robinson to a five-year deal. Robinson was selected with the 32nd overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft; one pick after Jerry Hughes.

With Jared Odrick (28th overall) also signed, the Colts and Hughes' reps should have enough of a framework to agree on a deal. Factor in what Chris "Beanie" Wells got last year as the 31st overall pick, and we're looking at a five-year deal worth $11.8 million and $6.3 million guaranteed for Hughes. If Hughes' reps are asking for significantly more than that, they are living in a fantasy world.

However, instead of getting red-blooded about this, I'll think positive thoughts. With Robinson signed in New Orleans, it opens the door for Hughes. All he and his reps have to do is walk through it. I think they will prior to Sunday.