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Pro Football Focus: Colts Ranked #2 to start 2010 season

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From PFF:

2. Indianapolis Colts
They may lack talent in a number of positions but for their team to work they need an elite, out-of-this-world quarterback and a fearsome pass rush. Check and check. It's a formula that has worked for so long for the Colts that we know that it gets them into the playoffs and to a Super Bowl (which this writer contends would have been very different if Dwight Freeney was completely healthy). Nothing has happened this offseason to suggest the Colts shouldn't be the team to beat in the AFC.

I'd kind of like to know where the Colts lack talent at "a number of positions." I like PFF and I think they do a good job overall, but the Colts are loaded with talent at a number of positions.

In fact, they might be the most talented team in football.

From the wideouts to the running backs to the linebackers to the d-line, the Colts are stacked with quality depth. I could go through each position, compare it to other teams, and make my point that way. Instead, I'll just keep this quick and say players like Anthony Gonzalez would be starters on most other team. Jerry Hughes, likely a reserve pass rusher for the Colts in 2010, would start for many other teams. Other key reserves like Donald Brown, Austin Collie, Pat Angerer, and Melvin Bullitt are all starting-caliber players who happen to be back-ups for the Colts.

Maybe it's just me, but I don't understand that "lack talent in a number of positions" remark. It just sounds... well, it sounds ignorant and uninformed. In general, PFF is not ignorant and uninformed. Thus, the statement is odd.