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Colts ratings for Madden 11 leaked early

I received this little bit of information in my InBox this morning:

The Madden 11 Colts ratings aren’t set to be unveiled until later today, but with a little bit of work we’ve managed acquire the full player ratings ahead of schedule. For Colts fans, there’s a lot to be happy about.

The site has all Colts player ratings available. Notables are Peyton Manning (99), Dwight Freeney (97), Robert Mathis (95), and Reggie Wayne (96).

Other interesting ratings tidbits: Bob Sanders has a poor injury rating of 49; Pierre Garcon (80) is ranked higher than Anthony Gonzalez (75); Austin Collie (76) is ranked higher than Gonzalez; having Melvin Bullitt ranked 79 is not an accurate measurement of his skills; Pat Angerer at 66 seems kind of low.

Personally, I think the ratings for Garcon, Gonzo, and Collie are too low.

Overall, the team is a 91, second best in the entire Madden NFL universe. I assume the Saints are #1, as they should be.

Thanks to the folks at for the heads up.