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ESPN's Jeremy Green arrested on child porn and drug charges

Here at Stampede Blue, and at other blogs like 18to88, we've taken our fair share of shots at ESPN analyst and director of pro scouting for Scouts Inc. Jeremy Green for the simple reason that he is a clueless moron.

Jeremy's job at ESPN is to scout teams and provide "expert" analysis on those teams and their players. He writes articles for, including posts in Paul Kuharsky's "blog." Recent work by Green includes calling the Colts defensive tackles a "weakness" for the team despite the fact that the DTs held every opponent in the playoffs, including the New Orleans Saints, under 100 yards rushing.

Yep, if there is a poster child for overpaid, uninformed schmuck in this business, Green's face is plastered all over it.

But today, Green's got more serious issues on his plate that making unsupported generalizations about football teams. The Hartford Courant (via PFT) reported yesterday that Green was arrested and charged with first-degree possession of child pornography, possession of narcotics and possession of drug paraphernalia. He is on $750,000 bail.

The child porno charge looks to be the most serious. If convicted, Jeremy is going to see a lot of time behind bars. You can view his oh-so-handsome mugshot here. Green is the son of former-NFL coach Dennis Green, the man who mentored Tony Dungy. Green also spent a few years working in the Cleveland Browns' front office.

Greatest hits from Jeremy Green: