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Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer is putting Robert Mathis to sleep

Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer. Photo: <a href=""></a>
Colts defensive coordinator Larry Coyer. Photo:

Thought this funny Tweet from Robert Mathis deserved its own article:

Ribs gonna have me slow motion in these meetings...Coach Coyer im listening just letting my eyelids give my eyeballs a massage rite now lol

I'm surprised Philip Wheeler didn't Tweet a picture of the ribs.

To turn this article around into something that's somewhat meaningful, one of the things Colts radio announcer Bob Lamey talked about just when camp opened was how Larry Coyer's defense would open up in year two. And while the heavy dose of BBQ ribs may have made Mathis a little drowsy yesterday evening, the Coyer scheme is certainly nothing to snooze on. Digging up a quote from Gary Brackett:

We are a lot more than the three coverages we used to run for five or six years there. We are a little bit more exotic now.

The defense is so exotic it seems rookie linebacker Pat Angerer is struggling with it. Right now, he's the third string middle linebacker behind Brackett and Cody Glenn.