Colts add OT James Williams

Another roster move guys. Seems like the Colts just added udfa james Williams just recently released from the Bucs. The guy's measurables seem light given that he is around 290 lbs. Being that he is from Harvard, I assume he is smart. If anyone finds anything more on this guy or sees him in practice, please comment. BTW, why don't they just move Ricards over to OT if they want to bring i9n this guy? Atleast Richards has experience in the system and is a hard worker (besides he played OT at Buffalo). At the very least, help the guy bulk up 10lbs and move him outside. Here is the tweet from Phil and the Indystar..after the jump :-)

#Colts camp: No updates on status of reserve DT John Gill. OG Andy Alleman cut, team adds OL James WIlliams. Still looking up stuff on him.

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