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Colts release first "official" depth chart for 2010

If you stroll on over to, you'll notice that the team has up its first "official" depth chart for the 2010 season. Obviously, this is not the final depth chart going into Week One. However, it does tell us, in blue and white, who is a "starter" and who is a "reserve" at this particular period of time.

Some of the results are fairly obvious while others seem just plain odd. Here are some highlights:

  • Pierre Garcon is the starting wide receiver. His back-up is Anthony Gonzalez. However, as Paul Kuahrsky notes:
    Pierre Garcon is listed as the second starting receiver. Don’t go crazy here. It would make since for the speedster of the group to be out there to stretch the field in the two-tight end set. Anthony Gonzalez and Austin Collie are listed as second stringers, but we’ll see plenty of three-wide and I expect both will see significant time as long as all are healthy.
  • Brandon James is the kick returner.
  • Sam Giguere is the punt returner

More notes after the jump, including a pic of the depth chart...


  • The starting offensive line is Charlie Johnson, Jamey Richard, Jeff Saturday, Kyle DeVan, and Ryan Diem.
  • Fili Moala is not even listed as a defensive tackle. He's a DE.
  • The primary back-up to Daniel Muir is Mitch King.
  • Pat Angerer is the third string MIKE.
  • Jordan Hemby and Terrail Lambert are ahead of Ray Fisher and Brandon King on the corner depth chart.
  • Jerry Hughes is the fifth string defensive end?
  • Brody Eldridge is the fifth string tight end?
  • Gijon Robinson is still the primary H-Back?

Please discuss. I'm still wrapping my brain around some of the more obvious oddities with this depth chart.