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2010 Colts training camp: Notes from the fourteenth practice (Aug. 10th)

As we wrote back earlier, one of the highlights of the afternoon practice today wasn't anything that the offense did on third down drills or what the defense did in pass rushing drills. It was Peyton Manning tosses pass to a kid fan that the Colts players picked out of the crowd. Eric Hartz Tweeted me some quick details about it:

this was a really cool moment at camp. Manning, Lacey and a couple of others huddled up and picked the kid out of the crowd.

My follow-up Tweet was to ask if Bob Sanders and Dwight Freeney picked out another kid sack the hell out of the little punk in a mock fire blitz! Eric responded:

haha no. That would be an unforgettable moment as well. In defense of the kid, Manning overthrew him on the first throw.

I wonder if Peyton tapped his chest and said "my bad" on the in-completion. Again, classy and cool gesture by Big P. For all the updates we've done, this bit might be the highlight of the whole camp.

Speaking of camp updates, here's more notes from the afternoon practice:

  • If there is one player who stood out today in both practices, it's Mitch King. On one play in the afternoon practice, he penetrated through the line and hit Javarris James for a loss.
  • Just like in the morning, Jeff Saturday did not practice this afternoon.[UPDATE]: And now we know why.
  • Offense worked on screen passes.
  • Pierre Garcon, according to Eric, put on a show. More after the jump...
  • Several impressive grabs by Garcon, especially one in the corner. On one play, he burned Kelvin Hayden pretty good.
  • Brandon James' hands are simply not consistent. He drops too many passes.
  • Tony Ugoh, Reggie Wayne, and Joseph Addai did not practice.
  • Nice play by Robert Mathis on one play to penetrate the line and stop Mike Hart.
  • Peyton got pissed after Gary Brackett tipped a pass that was intercepted by Kelvin Hayden.
  • Later in the practice, in 7 on 7 drills, more impressive receptions by Garcon.
  • Ervin Baldwin was "abusing" new Colts tackle James Williams.
  • Colts used John Chick at DE with first unit.
  • From Mike Marot at Associated Press: "Two guys to keep an eye on in preseason: DL John Chick and DT Fili Moala. Both have looked good so far."