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Colts center Jeff Saturday has his knee scoped

Just saw this Tweet from ESPN's Paul Kuharsky:

Jeff Saturday had a knee scoped Tuesday.

Now, upon reading this, my first response was to do something along the lines of projectile vomiting on my computer screen.

Then, the rational, calmer side of me took over. Since I did not see the words "Placed on IR" or "Done for the season" next to the news item, it made me feel better.

Then again, all last season, Anthony Gonzalez went through a few knee "scoping" procedures after sustaining an injury, and he never saw the field after his Week One trip to the training room. Since the Colts are simply terrible at accurately and clearly communicating their injury situation to the media, I have no idea how long Jeff Saturday will be out. If it was a knee scope, my guess is we won't see Jeff for the entirety of pre-season.

So, get used to seeing Jamey Richard or Jacques McClendon until September, we think.

The surgery explains why Jeff Saturday has missed so many practices this week. When we get more info on this, we will post. However, reader MarkFive05 provides this bit of knowledge:

So now we know why he has been sitting out. My wife, who is a Physical Therapist, says that he won't have full range of motion for roughly two months. She isn't very experienced with athletes she says but it's around that time frame.

Phil Wilson provides additional information (done to maximize comic effect):

#Colts news release tonight: C Jeff Saturday has undergone successful arthroscopic knee surgery to remove "a loose body."

You can tell Phil has nothing by cynical contempt for the Colts when it comes to injury reports. After the jump, Gregg Rosenthal from PFT chimes in.

Every team calls every surgery arthroscopic in the offseason, but there's no reason for Colts fans to be concerned here -- assuming the team is being up front.

During the season, it usually only takes two weeks to recover from arthroscopic knee surgery.  Using that timeline, Saturday should be ready well before the team's big opening week game against the Texans.

So, at worse we think two months. At best? Who knows. Two to four weeks. Basically, Jeff is likely done until September.