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Raheem Brock might be headed to the Houston Texans UPDATED

There was an interesting Twitter exchange this evening between Robert Mathis and his one-time Colts teammate Raheem Brock. It went a little something like this:

Brock: Anyone know a nice place to eat in houston besides pappadeux? Lol some good seafood
Mathis: wtf....u in houston mane???
Brock: don't kno yet! We will see!

Perhaps I am reading too much into this. Perhaps I am tired after a VERY long day and I'm seeing things that simply aren't there.

Then again, the Texans will be without the cheating Brian Cushing for four games to start their 2010 season. Also, superstud Mario Williams is getting a second opinion on his "hip issue." Looks like the Texans are in need of some help along the d-line. Brock's just as good an option as someone like former Bills pass rusher Aaron Schobel. So, I guess after looking at all those variables, a Brock to Houston signing makes some sense.

We'll keep an eye out on this potential story if anything develops. Brock has not signed with another team since the Colts unexpectedly released him back in March.

I have to admit, it would just be weird to see Raheem Brock in a Texans uniform. Really, really weird.

[UPDATE]: Battle Red Blog has posted a Twitter link from Andy Simms at Players Rep Sports Management saying Brock is indeed visiting the Texans tomorrow.