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2010 Colts training camp: Notes from the fifteenth practice (Aug. 11th)

Today's practice schedule had a full team gathering this morning which will be followed tonight's team scrimmage at 7:30pm Eastern. During the morning practice, Brett Mock of Coltzilla was there. His mobile device was humming, and his Twitter page was on DEFCON-5 alert!

Here are some notes from the morning practice:

  • Practice was without pads.
  • Peyton Manning spent some time throwing passes to Mitch King. Between King working as the short yardage fullback and being one of the primary back-ups in the DT rotation, it looks like the former Hawkeye has found a spot on this team.
  • Eric Foster also got some looks at FB.
  • For whatever reason, the Colts are NOT using Brody Eldridge as a fullback, which seems to contradict the very reason he was drafted in the first place. Polian and the Colts said almost immediately after they drafted him that they viewed Eldridge as short yardage H-Back or fullback, not a pass catching TE. Obviously, things can change between April and now, but the entire point of taking Eldridge was his blocking skills at the point of attack. If the Colts wanted better receiving skills at the TE position, they just needed to look at Jacob Tamme.
  • First team o-line is Tony Ugoh, Jaimie Thomas, Jamey Richard, Kyle DeVan, and Adam Terry. Basically, to give folks an idea on the current state of the Colts line, only one starter from last year is in there. Ugoh, Richard, and Thomas are back-ups from a year ago. Terry was signed as a back-up.
  • Anthony Gonzalez had a sleeve on his leg. Ugh. No word on if this is the same leg he injured last year. If it is, double ugh.
  • From Brett: "Moala looks bigger in the chest than he was last year." Dear Brett, STOP STARING AT FILI'S RACK, YOU PERV!
  • Second string o-line has Mike Pollak at center. Pollak played center at Arizona.
  • Two plays saw a direct snaps to Mike Hart. On one, he threw a pass to Brandon James. Possible "wildcat?"
  • During one of the direct snaps to Hart, quarterback Tom Brandstater was split out right. Smells like "wildcat."
  • Again, practice today pretty much went at half-speed. Offense and defense conducted a walk through.

Small note on injuries in camp: Take as a silver lining that it is better they get bumps and bruises now rather than in Week Five or the playoffs. Also, please remember that the Colts are extra cautious with injuries. Players are never encouraged to practice hurt. The other thing to consider is that I, personally, am very DOOMSDAY about injuries. AKA, I'm a bit of a drama queen about them. So, when I write "ugh" or I express concern over an injury, it's because that's how I'm wired. I always expect the worst in regards to NFL injuries. With pretty much everything else, I'm an optimist.

If I could offer you my two cents on how certain injuries will play out, I think Charlie Johnson and Jeff Saturday will start  Week One against the Texans.