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Irsay suggests two-six week rehab time for Colts center Jeff Saturday

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Jim Irsay (via Mike Chappell at the Indy Star) didn't make a strong statement about how much time they expect Center Jeff Saturday to miss, but gave a rough time frame despite the quite variable nature of arthroscopic surgery recovery.

"With scopes you never know...We've seen guys come back in two weeks, you see some guys come back in six weeks....You're hoping it's the shorter side of the scale. It just depends on the guy, how quick he can rebound.''

This puts Saturday on the sidelines for at least the Colts first two preseason games (8/15 vs SF and 8/19 @BUF) with the upper end of the range extending through the season opener in Houston.

As LB noted this morning, Saturday bounced back relatively quickly from a knee injury in 2008 and sports injury expert Will Carroll called the surgery "no big deal" which gives reason to lean towards the low end of the range.

For at least the start of the pre-season and if worst comes to worst the start of the real deal, the Colts will have to lean on the several interior line players with experience at center; Pollak, DeVan, Richard and when he returns from his undisclosed injury McClendon.