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2010 Colts training camp: Notes from the sixteenth practice (Aug. 11th)

The Colts held their second night-time scrimmage of training camp this year. Just like last week, fans came out in droves to watch the full pads extravaganza! Also there was Coltzilla's Brett Mock and his twitter addiction.

  • We had ourselves a little scuffle tonight at camp. Philip Wheeler tattooed Reggie Wayne on a slant route. Wayne didn't like it and threw the ball at Wheeler. Pushing and shoving followed. Lovin Blue enjoyed it.
  • Like earlier today, Anthony Gonzalez sat out practice. No word as to whether he still had the sleeve on his leg.
  • In one practice, Brandon James is dropping routine passes. In the next, he's making impressive overhead grabs in the corner of the endzone. The kid has promise, but must work on his consistency.
  • Terrail Lambert was in a walking boot. Also sitting out was Adam Terry. I shudder to think who the Colts used at RT tonight.
  • I think Taj Smith dropped a pass tonight. That has to be a first in camp so far. He made up for it with several impressive catches. Unless he gets hurt, or stinks it up in pre-season games, I cannot see how the Colts do not give Smith a spot on the 53.
  • Bob Sanders made an INT on Peyton Manning during goal-line drills. My optimism meter for Sanders is up from "cautious" to "gettin' kinda excited!"
  • Later in the evening, on one play Joseph Addai got the best of him on a sluggo route down the left sideline. Addai later broke free on a draw play for a TD. On two others, Reggie Wayne and Taj Smith caught TDs by beating Sanders. 
  • From Paul Kuharsky: Bob Sanders was very good in #Colts night practice. Picked Manning in the end zone, broke up another pass at goal line.
  • Deshea Townsend looked good in coverage on Dallas Clark.
  • Speaking of Dallas, later in the scrimmage he scored a 45-yard TD on a tight end reverse. Kindly name me another tight end who can score 45-yard TDs on a reverse play.
  • With Kelvin Hayden all over him, Pierre Garcon hauled in a reception from Peyton.
  • In contrast, too many drops for Dudley Guice. "Brick hands" Brett calls him.
  • Colts still trying to use Blair White as a punt returner.
  • Garrett Lindholm did a bit of punting tonight.
  • Mike Hart looked to be running the ball well.
  • Sam Giguere had a nice catch in the corner of the endzone. "Guns" is having a great camp so far.The trick is seeing if his good camp can translate into good play in pre-season.
  • Dwight Freeney practiced tonight. Dwight Freeney looked fast. Dwight Freeney will sack your soul.
  • Probably one of the biggest disappointments of camp thus far is Curtis Painter. Remember when Colts mouthpieces Jeffry Gorman and Will Wolford talked this guy up back in July? He's just looked awful, and tonight was no exception.
  • This should make Joe Baker smile... Pat Angerer got some looks with the first team defense. Not sure if it was at MIKE or WILL.
  • Brandon James, once again, stands out as a returner. Also impressive in return work were Devin Moore, Ray Fisher, and Sam Giguere. One of the big positives of camp so far is how good the returners have looked. I'm very interested in seeing how they play against the 49ers this Sunday.
  • Colts used Jerry Hughes as a joker backer tonight. Speaking of Jerry, Phil Wilson highlighted an odd Tweet from someone supposedly quoting Peter King. The Tweet said: #Colts are not counting on 1st-RD pick DL Jerry Hughes to be a major contributor this year. (Peter King). Very strange. Oh, and Jerry looked very fast tonight, getting good penetration against the o-line and pressure on the QB. 

If you have your own observations if tonight's scrimmage, please post them in the comments. Special thanks again to Brett Mock. Nice job.

From Jerraud Powers' Twitter:

Good competitive practice today...def got better