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The Quote Machine: 2010 Colts Training Camp, Day Eleven

Colts tight end Dallas Clark (8/11/2010)

On rookie Brody Eldridge:

(Brody) is going to do a lot of good things for us. He is smart. He is learning the offense. He’s ahead of the curve in picking up the offense and making plays. We are kind of getting into that part of the camp where we are at the end of installing the whole offense. He’s picking up things that we haven’t reviewed or haven’t gone over on the field during practice and he is picking it up. He is making some mistakes, which is going to happen, but he is not making a lot of mistakes twice. That is progress and as long as he continues to do that he is going to do just fine. He is a big guy and has good leverage in blocking and good hands. He is going to do very well.

On new offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen:

He is good, definitely. The good thing is, he has been an (offensive) coordinator before, so he knows how to handle being in front of the room. He installs the offense very well. He goes through everyone’s routes and problems. Instead of just saying, ‘You have a hook route,’ he tells you, ‘Sometimes you might get pressed and need to go to a fade,’ or whatever the case may be. He does a good job of not just telling you what you have, but also some things that might come up during the season, some things that might change, some things that you have to be aware of. It is great for the younger guys to hear it taught like that. He does a great job of explaining the big picture.

On Jeff Saturday being out:

(Jeff) is the foundation of the (offensive) line. Just what he brings with his leadership and consistent level of play, all the intangibles about Jeff are invaluable. It is not just what he does. It is all of the little things that he brings to the table. It’s just hard for the next guy to step in and take over. It will definitely be tough without him. It will give (the young guys) some chances and some good looks. We will be fine, but will look forward to him coming back and hope his rehab goes well.

Colts safety Bob Sanders (8/11/2010)

On adjusting his play to avoid further injury:

I don’t think you could put yourself in less danger on the field. We are football players. We are going to be physical. It is a physical game. I make tackles. You just never know what is going to happen. You just have to play your best, hope for the best, pray and put it in God’s hands and just try to do my job. If there were (a way to adjust), I probably would have tried to do it already.

On being mentally tough during rehab:

Really, it wasn’t tough for me mentally, it was just trying to work through it. It is a hard road having to rehab as much and you definitely want to be on the field, but you have to take it in stride, think positive, stay positive and just continue to work.

On Larry Coyer's defense:

It is definitely different from what I’ve done in the past, but in college I played the same type of scheme. I am familiar with what we are doing now. The terminology is different along with other parts of the defense, but I’m liking it. I think it’s good for us.


Colts coach Jim Caldwell (8/11/2010)

On concerns regarding the injuries to the o-line:

One of the things that I think camp is for is to develop some cohesion and unity in a number of different spots. It does indeed make you work on a different angle, but for the most part I think we’ve been here before. It’s not unusual, but it will give some guys who haven’t had the opportunity to get a lot of reps, a few more reps in the next span of time.

On Jeff Saturday's prognosis:

I couldn’t give you any time table on when he’s going to return. We’re not going to place any limitations on him. I haven’t heard any specifics in that regard from the doctor. He’s always been a quick healer. Whenever he’s back and healthy and ready to go we’ll get him back in there.

On offensive coordinator Clyde Christensen:

Let me put it this way. He’s in his position because he’s capable. He has a very strong offensive mind. He knows our system extremely well. He’s been working in it for a number of years now and played a major role, oftentimes behind the scenes. You guys don’t have the opportunity to see it, but he’s played a major role in organizing and our red zone. He’s been very effective in that particular area, third-down packages as well. So Clyde obviously has some experience being a coordinator at a number of different levels, and I think you’ll see the transition will be very, very smooth from Tom (Moore) to Clyde. The other reason is because around here we believe in continuity. We believe in our system and we’re not going to change it a lot. We might tweak it, but we try and make certain that we have guys in place who can keep that culture going, and I think he’ll do a great job.