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Raheem Brock making a tour of the AFC South, possibly talking with Titans

Tuesday, former Colts defensive end Raeem Brock was in Houston, meeting with the Texans. Yesterday, he paid a visit to Indianapolis, though it's doubtful it was to meet with the Colts about signing him again.

Today, the Philadelphia native Tweeted that he's on his way to Tennessee. He specifically used the word "Tennessee" for his destination, not "Nashville," "Memphis," or "Knoxville." This suggests Brock is headed to the office of Titans coach Jeff Fisher, where both will sit down and try to get Brock on the Titans roster.

The Titans need depth along their defensive line because, quite frankly, they don't have anyone who can rush the passer. Yes, they did draft Derrick Morgan out of Georgia Tech, put he has been struggling with a calf injury. Also, William Hayes sustained a knee injury in practice this last Tuesday, and is out for two-six weeks. The Titans run a similar defensive scheme to the Colts.

We'll keep an eye on Brock's status if any news breaks. Brock was unexpectedly released from the Colts back in March after eight years with the team.

Funny side note on Brock visiting Tennessee, from his Twitter account:

Man and I thought indianapolis was country.....? Nashville is COUNTRY! Lol nd they lost my bag! Wtf