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Colts wide receiver Anthony Gonzalez not wearing a sleeve on his leg

Rumors flew yesterday that Anthony Gonzalez had injured something, and was now wearing a sleeve over his leg as he sat out the morning practice for August 11th. However, Stampede Blue reader GoBigBlue88 attended last night's scrimmage, and had this to report:

On to practice itself, noticed that Anthony Gonzalez was still out, though without a calf wrap and just standing around catching passes. Doesn't look hurt, just limited in action. Clint Session was also still out, though like Gonzo was in uniform (not shells) and hanging out with his position-mates. In other injury news, I noticed Terrail Lambert in a walking boot, if anyone particularly cares about that.

This is a big relief because, honestly, if there is anyone who really needs to play in a pre-season game, it's Gonzo. He hasn't been tackled, hit, or jammed since early September of last year. That's a long time to go without playing football. I actually hope he plays more than just a few series. Keep him out there for a quarter or two. He needs the time, and we need to see if his healthy practicing will translate into healthy play on a football field.

Having a healthy, confident Anthony Gonzalez on this team adds another dimension to this offense.