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More culinary adventures from Mr. Philip Wheeler at Colts training camp

Photo: <a href="" target="new">@Philgood50</a>
Photo: @Philgood50

I almost need to make a new category for these posts. I'm thinking tagging them along the lines of "Wheeler Treats" or "Phil Good Food." But, for right now, these get filed under the same training camp tags we've done for all our truly important articles covering the goings-on in Anderson, IN.

From the looks of it, the cooks at Colts camp have gotten cheap. Day one of camp was lobster. Now, Philip Wheeler is Tweeting us pictures of plain tomato sandwiches.

Of course, our own LovinBlue is deeply considered at the lack of nourishment our starting strongside linebacker is getting out of this paltry meal.


@Philgood50 Tomoato sandwiches? Dude you need your protein!

Somehow, we think Philgood50 will be just fine, what with his 6.3% body fat and all.