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Important point to make on Raheem Brock and his AFC South tour UPDATE Brocks signs with Titans

Like many of you, I like Raheem Brock and I miss seeing him at Colts camp. Just as unsung corner Deshea Townsend was a stalwart of some great Steelers teams of the 2000s, the same can be said of Brock as an unsung d-linemen for some truly great Colts teams. And I don't think it's incorrect to suggest that, if we all had our way, Brock would be on this Colts team. The versatility he offered as a DE, a DT, and as a blitzing linebacker was a real asset.

However, as Phil Wilson assutely pointed out today on Twitter, it's important to note that the Colts did not just out-and-out cut Brock. He asked to be released, and the Colts granted it:

Can't help but wonder, seeing Raheem Brock touring other teams, if the DL wishes he didn't ask to be released from the #Colts in offseason.

We don't know the reasons why Brock asked to be released. Did he not like the coaching staff? Did he think that he could make more money as a free agent? Did he think that, with other teams, he could start?

Who knows.

From my prospective, it was a dumb move to request that release. Brock had a good thing going with a team that valued him and compensated him well given his talents and age. Remember, Brock was the starting DT when the Colts won Super Bowl 41. However, since then, they've used him mostly at DE and LBer because they knew keeping him at DT would shorten his career.

Why Brock left will always be a mystery until we hear something from Brock himself or the Colts. Or, maybe Brock will complete his tour of the AFC South and then come back to Indy with a request to return. Regardless of what happens, he's still one of my all-time favorite Colts players.

[UPDATE]: And just as I post this story, news breaks over Twitter that Raheem signed with the Tennessee Titans.