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The reason Raheem Brock left the Colts: Lack of playing time

Well, we finally have an answer as to why Raheem Brock requested his release from the Colts back in March. The info comes directly from the man himself, and it's probably not going to rub Colts fans the right way. From USA Today:

Brock asked for his release from Indy in March, saying he wasn't getting the pass-rushing opportunities he wanted on third down because the Colts have Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis leading their charge.

"I was trying to get a better opportunity to rush the quarterback,'' Brock said. "I think I am in a good situation where I have to take advantage of it, plain and simple.

Let me preface this next part by saying I still like Raheem Brock, and I wish him all the best... except when he plays the Colts twice this season.

However, his reasoning for requesting a release from the team is just silly. Brock is essentially upset he did not get more pass rushing opportunities so he can up his sack total and (surprise!) ask for more money. The reality is Brock is past his prime, and he was never all that great rushing the passer from the end spot even when he was younger.

He was once pretty good rushing from the defensive tackle position, but with better interior rushers like Daniel Muir and Eric Foster on the team, the Colts started using Brock as a "joker" linebacker on third down, rushing the passer in that capacity.

Basically, the team gave Brock several opportunities to hit the opposing QB, but he couldn't consistently deliver. Despite all these opportunities, he netted only 3.5 sacks in 2009. The year before that: 3.5 again. In fact, Brock has not recorded more than 5 sacks in one season since 2005, when he was playing DT.

If he thought the team should have sat Freeney or Mathis on third down in order to free him up for more sack opportunities, then he was living in a fantasy world. Look no further than Super Bowl 44 as an example of Brock's "stellar" pass rushing moves. If there was ever one game where Brock could have used his skills as a rusher to help the team win, it was that game. Freeney was hobbled and Mathis was getting consistently doubled all night. Instead of proving he could rush the passer, he was dominated. Brock recording ZERO sacks and allowed Drew Brees (the game's MVP) to complete 32-39 passes.

I will always think fondly of Raheem Brock, and there is no question he is a popular guy within the Colts team. More than a few of his ex-teammates Tweeted him a "congrats" when news broke he signed with the Titans. However, his reasoning for leaving the Colts is for sh*t. If Brock truly felt he wanted a "better opportunity to rush the quarterback," he should have first proven he could do the job. He didn't, and that's why he's now on a depleted Titans squad with next to nobody currently available to rush the QB with him.