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2010 Colts Training Camp: Notes from the twentieth practice (Aug. 14)

OK, I'll tell the truth. There are no notes here from yesterday's 10:30am training camp practice, the last one before the team plays their first preseason game for this 2010 season. I honestly don't know if anyone attended it, and from what I gather it was, essentially, a walk through. If anyone knows anything different than that, punch it into the comments.

[UPDATE] From whardiek in the comments:

It was basically a walk thru, the second and third team offense/defense got all the work. Starters were all on the sidelines.

For now, we'll just start getting you excited for the Colts preseason. Don't lie. You are excited. Yes, it's a fake game and already ten players (most of them key players) are ruled OUT. But, for the first time since the team lost in Miami to the Saints in Super Bowl 44, we will see Colts football again. This game, however 'meaningless,' is the first step in doing something that has not been done since the famed 1972 Miami Dolphins.

Go back to the Super Bowl and win it the year after losing it.

I doubt many of you were even alive in 1972. I know I wasn't. This means our team is trying to make history. So many quality clubs before them have attempted this feat and failed. Regardless of the odds, regardless of the past history, the goal is simple: Get back to the big game, and this time win the son-of-a-bitch!

First step begins today. We will be covering each and every step all season long. Go Colts!