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NFL preseason: After halftime, 49ers 20-Colts 10; Curtis Painter booed again

In the first two series, the Colts and their first stringers dominated the 49ers. Then, Curtis Painter got in the game, and the results got ugly very quickly. Three interceptions and a fumble for Painter in the second quarter lead to 20 unanswered points for the 49ers.

When Painter walked off the field after his third pick, the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium booed him. This scene reminded many of how the Colts booed the team during Week Sixteen of last season. Peyton Manning and the starters left that contest early only to see the lead they'd built lost by Painter and the second stringers.

The positives thus far are the Colts defense. Both first and second string look very strong. Pat Angerer has two sacks and the defense generated two INTs and a recovered fumble.